Reducing Environmental Impact

living our Green Agenda

We are all becoming increasingly concerned about climate change, and are looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. As a Sydney based florist, The Posy Place has a genuine commitment to running our business in the most environmentally friendly way possible. This includes how we purchase our supplies, operate our business and provide our online services. 

Grown not Flown

We often think about buying fresh, local, seasonal foods in Australia, but you may not realize how many flowers are imported into Australia. We care about the impact this is having on the environment, the working conditions in low-cost countries, and the business impact on our local growers. 

At The Posy Place, we prefer seasonal, Australian-grown flowers, farmed within 100km of Sydney. Our list of preferred growers is based on their best practices and their location. We only use imported flowers when others are not available locally.  

Over 10 million roses imported on Valentine's Day in 2018.
Composting and recycling reduces waste

Recycle Smart

Everybody wants to recycle more and landfill less. In addition to being the best thing for the environment, it helps us reduce our costs and deliver you the freshest flowers for the best value.

We reduce waste in the workplace by keeping minimal stock on hand at The Posy Place. This also helps ensure the freshest flowers are delivered to you. We use hessian to wrap our posies for its durable, breathable, lightweight and completely biodegradable properties. And we compost or recycle any offcuts and other waste that we can from our shop. 

Reducing City Traffic

Same day delivery of goods is a challenging problem, especially when the local government is reducing the cities loading zones and there is an increase in business deliveries, adding to congestion. 

To that end, the state government and the City of Sydney have provided a "Courier Hub" for companies to use in the Goulburn Street car park. The hub, which consists of a few cages, lockers, and parking spots, allows The Posy Place to deliver by bike to businesses in the city. There are fewer cars in the CBD as a result of it.

Courier hub helping ease CDB congestion
Green Information Technology Initiative

Green IT - Online Services

As an online business, The Posy Place relies a lot on information technology designed and hosted in Australia. The design of our online services and information technology has been developed using 100% Solar Power. 

Our online services have also been designed to help us curb the demand for data storage capacity, lower electricity consumption, and minimize cooling and space usage. The servers used are hosted in Australian data-centers that have a commitment to achieve 100% renewable energy usage.